Research guidelines

At present time the basic lines of Institute researches are:

  • basic fundamentals development for increasing of natural gas and alternative heat carriers effectiveness use as basis for new energy- and resource saving technologies creation;
  • research in applied combustion theory, thermodynamic, interface heat- and mass exchange and new heat- and technological processes and equipment development on this basis;
  • research in environment protection for science- and technology fundamentals creation of atmosphere air protection from pollution, thermal neutralization of  solid domestic waste and specially dangerous  materials and wastes.  

Science, science- and engineering  and organizing works directed to synthetic gas use for direct iron production that are realized in institute are one of priority in the NAS of Ukraine.      

Basic research in the area of multiple gas systems thermodynamic, heat-and-mass transfer, dynamics of gases, thermo-chemistry are carried out in the Institute. According to mention re-searches results new technologies and equipment for effective natural  gas and others heat carriers use in the base branches of industry – metallurgy, energetic, chemical and natural gas, mechanical engineering, construction materials industry, municipal economy had been created.

 Among theirs – technologies of smelting furnaces conversion on natural gas, intensification of steel process in electric steel making furnaces, new method of indirect metal   radiant heating in continuous and chamber furnaces of metallurgy and construction materials industry, production engineering of high quality iron powders, plasma spraying covering, thermochemical metal treatment in protective gases.  Scientific foundations for gas-main pipe lines calculations had been originated and catalysts of hydrocarbons steam reforming had been developed. 

Considerable contribution had been carried in the environment protection from power plants pollution problem solving. All mentioned developments and many others are applied in industry with  great total benefits. Received results had been achieved owing to new research lines and science schools creation in the ferrous and powder metallurgy, heating and gas engineering, industrial ecology.

Among the latest developments of the Institute – technology of natural gas and associated petroleum gas use as motor fuel for transport and stationary internal combustion engines; soft-ware complexes for the calculation of gas-plants process flow sheets; technologies  of pearlite and siopor  production, technology of modified graphite production and technology of products  production from modified graphite; technologies and equipment for distributed heating of housing estates and industrial systems – contact-water heaters, radiant heaters, boilers of small and average power. Mentioned developments are applied in industry of Ukraine, UIS countries and others and are proposed for further application.  

Active research and development in low-temperature plasma were carried out with the end of 60-ies in the context research of so-called electrical and gas burners (later called as plasma torches on the products of gas combustion). Studies have been conducted of the thermodynamic properties and mass transfer in an electric discharge in the products of natural gas combustion. The installation of thermal spraying coatings was developed and widely implemented on this base that does not have analogues in the world. Gas-air mixture is used in this installation instead of inert gases or hydrogen. To obtain high purity disperse materials with a high temperature melting point, the high-frequency plasma torches was used. Since 2002 are fulfilled intensive physical investigations and mathematical modeling of the arc and glow discharges plasma as well as is developed  the technology of their using for recycling hazardous waste, the production of alternative gaseous  fuels, and surface modification of machine parts.

Along with mentioned themes farther developments of the Institute are directed to diversification of energetic resource base, new energy saving technologies engineering directed to the state energetic  independence.