Gas chromatography and sorbometry

The Gas Institute of the NAS of Ukraine has installed the 6890N gas chromatograph firm Agilent (USA) for collective use by employees of scientific institutions. The chromatograph is located at the Center for collective use (hereinafter referred to as the Center), at the gas analytical laboratory of the Institute (street Degtyarevskaya, 39). Below is a technical description of the chromatograph and terms of use of this device, developed on the basis of the previously approved provisions on collective use.

Brief information on the method of chromatographic analysis

This analysis allows to identify chemical compounds and determine their amount in mixtures of gases and liquids in a wide range of concentrations – from micro-impurities to 100%. However, the method has limitations associated with hardware design, namely:

  • For each group of compounds, its methodology must be selected, due to the type of detector used, the separating column and the conditions for separating the mixture;
  • For reliable analysis it is necessary to ensure the representativeness of the sample, which must be delivered to the device without changing its nature and composition;
  • For the calibration of the chromatograph, mixtures of analyzed substances should be prepared and the concentrations of which are known (calibrated mixtures).
Technical characteristics of the chromatograph 6890N
  • detectors: fiery-ionization (PID), thermoconductive-detector (DTP) and electron capture (EZD);
  • separating columns: stuffed and capillary;
  • Dosage: gases and liquid samples from syringes or with pneumatic cranes-dispensers;
  • Minimum concentration levels that are detected: for PID 5 pg/sec carbon, for road traffic accident 200 pg/mole of propane, for EDS 0.008 pg/sec of lindane;
  • temperature thermostat speakers up to 450 oC;
  • temperature programming with a set speed up to 1200 oC/min.

Chromatograph equipped with software for decoding chromatograms and printing conditions and results of analyzes.

The procedure for using the chromatograph

The analysis is carried out at the request of the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other organizations.

The application and the analysis program agree with the management of the center.

Preliminary preparation is required for the analysis, which is to select a chromatographic method for analysis and organization of representative sampling.

  1. At the first stage, by negotiating with the specialists of the Center, the technical feasibility of performing specific analyzes, taking into account existing detectors separating the columns, should be determined. In the absence of this equipment, it can be purchased by the customer, or the center at the expense of the customer.
  2. If the required method of analysis in the chromatograph is not installed, then this is done by the staff of the Center (in the presence of the hardware design of the method).
  3. Liquid samples in an amount not less than 0,5 ml must be provided in hermetically sealed batches of material that does not interact with the breakdown.
  4. Gaseous samples are provided in steel cylinders with shut-off valves, in sealed pipettes in a volume of 200 ml, or in soft metallized packages with selection valves.
  5. The analyzes are performed by the staff of the Center. The customer has the right to monitor the implementation of analyzes and participate in its individual operations.
  6. The results are approved by the management of the Center and they are provided to the customer in printed form.

The customer is paid on a personal contract basis the following services of the Center:

  • development and development of methods that have not been installed in the chromatograph before;
  • purchase of columns, fittings and calibrated mixtures if the Center does not have them;
  • compressed consumed gaseous media (with a large number of analyzes);
  • labor costs of personnel when performing analyzes.
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