1.3. Small-sized motor-car gas-filled compressor stations (MGFCS)


MGFCS are intended for filling of motor transport by compressed natural gas.

Development data

MGFCS have following design philosophy:

  • operation from low pressure gas pipe lines;

  • block construction;

  • energy-efficient technology of gas dewatering.

Compressor stations can be used as for  “Slow” filling  of lorries or buses group,  as well as for “Fast” filling  through  fuel-filling column with use of  accumulator. In contrast to large-scale stations developed ones can be located on small site in the urban area and to use gas from municipal communications.  Small-sized motor-car gas-filled compressor stations  with different productivity can be formed by jointing of compressor modules quantity to the required productivity.

Process parameters

Inlet pressure

0,005-0,6 Mpa

Pressure of fueling

19,6 Мpa

Conditional amount of fuelings per day

40, 120, 350

Amount of compressors


Average compressors output

120, 350, 1080 nm³/h