1.4. The measuring module for commercial accounts of compressed natural gas volume for motor-cars filling stations


Equipping of motor-car gas-filling compressor stations and   areas for cars  filling from refueled by facilities for realization of commercial accounting of compressed natural gas.

Performance specification of module

Module has six-chambered measuring indicator.

Power consumption at most  30 W
Overall dimensions at most 910x1815mm
Weight at most 120kg
The limits of allowable relative inaccuracy ±1%
The relative departure of  cost value estimated by module from calculated value

± 0, 2%>

Transition time of operation conditions at most 3 sec.
Filling time of 70 nm³ of gas under gas pressure before the module not less 20,1 Mpa at most 10 min.
Operative mode of module continuous

Module  provides automatic release of gas feeding when maximum pressure is achieved.  Module has embedded system of gas flow calculation in contrast to prevalent system of calculation by measuring of pressure in the motor-car tires  before and after filling. The metering error of such method is exceeded 10 %.

Economic indexes

Pay-back period of one module implementation – 1,5 years.