1.6. Software system “GasCondNafta”

Program system for computer modeling of industrial collection and processing of natural gas, oil separation, oil and condensate fractionation.

Modeling calculation
  1. Phase equilibrium gas-fluid, gas-fluid-fluid, gas-fluid-fluid-solid phase (salts) in systems gas – condensate (oil) – mineralized water – methanol – glycols (ЕG, DЕG, TЕG) and their properties: enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, density, viscosity, thermal conductivity, surface tension, adiabatic coefficient, PVT-properties of stratal oil and its differential degassing.
  2. Composition of stratal gas condensate and oil fluids including data on oil distillation and condensate (GOST 2177-82, 11011-85), differential condensation and material balance of condensate fields for the whole period of development.
  3. Hydraulic and thermal regimes of pipelines (horizontal, inclined, relief) and modular networks that transport the mixture in one-, two- and three-phase conditions (gas-water-oil and gas-water-condensate mixture, unstable oil or condensate, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and product pipelines).
  4. Processes and processes flowsheets of two-phase and three-phase transport, separation, throt-tling, mixing, ejection, expansion, compression, heat transfer, rectification, absorption of one-, two-, three-, fore-phase mixtures (drying, regeneration of glycol and methanol; gas stabilization, liquation separation; fractioning).
  5. Material and energy balances industrial processing units of natural gas and oil gas separation and fractionation of oil and condensate, subject to application of anti-hydrate inhibitors.
  6. Conditions of ice and hydrate fallout, anti-hydrate inhibitor consumption considering water salinity, elasticity vapor of hydrocarbon liquids, vapor pressure at Reid, dew points on water and hydrocarbons, parameters of distillation of separation products, ITK values according to distillation by Engler. It is possible to adapt program system (PS) GazCondOil to industrial data and laboratory studies of stratal and degassed fluids by molecular weight, density, viscosity, condensation pressure, gas content of condensate, saturation pressure and isothermal compressibility factor of stratal oil, freezing point and cloud point.

It is composed of calculation and graphic tools for modeling subsystem including creating and edit-ing black and white and color images of machines and technological schemes (with the possibility of block structuring), transfer of results and calculations in WORD and EXCEL.

Mixture components

Limit, and unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbons, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur compounds, water, methanol, glycol, sodium chloride and calcium fraction of oil (condensate). It is possible to input and use laboratory data on the properties of narrow fractions: molecular weight, density, viscosity and freezing point.

Application limits

70 К < Т < 700 К;

0,003 МPа < P < 100 МPа;

Boiling point of factions from 40 to 700 °C.

The comparison of “GasCondNafta” system with well-known analogues shows equal precision for hydrocarbon mixtures and better results for hydrocarbon-water solutions of methanol, glycol and salt systems.