1.8. Plant for hydrocarbon propellent production

National stock company “Naftogas of Ukraine” in common with Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine developed technology of industrial hydrocarbon propellent production from natural gas. Propellent is a mixture of hydrocarbons gases from ethane to n-pentane and is used in household chemical goods and fragrance industry as alternative to propellants on the basis of fluorine-chlorine hydrocarbons that are usually used.

Development data
Plant capacity:  
          by the raw materials 6…9 t/year,
          by propellent 1,3…1,5 t/year
Mass components composition:  
          С2Н6 no more than 0,5 %
          sum С3Н8, С4Н10 та і-С4Н10 no less than  98 %
          sum С5Н12 no more than 0,5 %
          mass content of sulphureous compounds no more than 0,0004 %