2.3. Energy efficient technologies for nitrogen oxide emission decrease at the power stations and high power boiler plants

Development purpose

Nitrogen oxide emission abatement during use of power stations steam boilers and high power hot-water boilers that are operated with natural gas.

Make-up of development
  • the natural gas two-stage burning technology  manufacturing application by burners reconstruction and on line control theirs capability (are applied at 20 power units for capacities 200 and 300 MW);

  • installation of special gas burners for two-stage natural gas burning (are applied at high power hot-water boilers PTWM and KVGM);
  • manufacturing application of different methods for recirculation combustion products with air and specially developed gas burner constructions (are applied).

Energy efficient and economic data:  manufacturing application of developed technologies provides nitrogen oxide emission decrease till  60 %, for high power hot-water boilers it also provides the efficiency increase till 0,5 %. Manufacturing application of mentioned technologies on the whole in Ukraine provides the natural gas economy till  6 millions  m³/year (economic benefits will be ~0,5 millions $/year). Pay-back period – 1 year.