2.5. Contact water-heaters for distributed heating and hot-water supply


Autonomous heat supply of production buildings, offices and accommodation spaces by contact water-heaters.

Development data

Technology and equipment for water heating  in contact water-heating modules with heat power 1,0 and 0,5 Gcal/h have been developed. In mentioned modules are combined contact and surfaces methods of water heating. It provides water heating till 90-95 ºC, that is higher than in conventional production methods of  hot-water supply. At the expense of  latent heat evaporation utilization of water vapour from combustion materials the modules efficiency factor  is exceeded 96%. The temperature of combustion materials at the output of modules is 50 –55 ºC.

 Feature  1,0Gkal/h  0,5Gkal/h
The space for modules placing, m2 7х4,0 1,3х1,5
The height, m 4,2 2,3
Mass of system’s crucial components, kg 1800 950

The module is equipped by multiflame burner and combustion chamber with heat-exchanges apparatus that is based above the chamber. 1,0 Gcal/h module is capable to heat one office block or residental construction with a space 10t hous.m² and 0,5 Gkal/h module – 5t hous.m². The cost of 1,0 Gkal produced by modules is half than under centralized heating.

 Tte basic features of modules
Feature  1,0Gkal/h 0,5Gkal/h
Heat power, Gcal (Mw)  1(1,16)   0,5 (0.58)
Highest temperature of hot water  95   90
Temperature of combustion materials at the output of module, °C  50-55   50-55
Installations efficiency, %  96-98    96
Fuel  Nat. gas  Nat. gas
The number of burners  1 1
Gas flow, nm³/h  120   60
Ventilating airs operation factors    
          – Pressure, kPa  2,5    2,5
          – Consumption, nm³/h  1360  650
Natural gas pressure in front of burner, kPa  20  20
Highest quantity of combustion products, nm³/h  1500  750
Humidity of combustion products, %  100   100
Nitrogen oxides quantity in the combustion products, mg/m³  120  120