2.7. Combined-cycled plant at “AQUARIUS” technology

 “AQUARIUS” technology hasn’t world analogues and is based on new scientific foundations and engineering solutions.   Nearest prototype of developed technology is famous steam and gas cycle  STIG with water or water vapour injection to the gas turbine from external source. Such plants need special complex for water preparation and compensation of water losses with wasted gases.

At the heart of  “AQUARIUS” technology is used the principle of water vapour injection in the combustion chamber of gas turbine that is received from combustion waste gases at the expense of it heat utilization. Thanks to it high (to 45 %)  efficiency, considerable  fuel gas economy and low – to 35 mg/nm3 NOx and CO emission are reached. The changing of operating in Ukraine technology of electric and heat energy production  at “AQUARIUS” technology fuel resources consumption will decreased in 1,56-1,6 times. Cost of specific KW electrical power is $250-320. Pay back period of 25-30 MW plant is less than 3 years.

Combined-cycled plant at “AQUARIUS” technology set in operation at the gas-pumping compressor plant “Stavischanskaya”. Plant capacity is 16 MW, fuel gas economy 10-11 millions m3/year. Manufacturing application of “AQUARIUS” technology at the gas transport system of Ukraine can give more than 1,5 billions/year  fuel gas economy.