2.9. Small cost reconstruction of hot-water boilers TVG and KVG with the object of efficiency and life time raising and ecological rates improvement

Substance of development

Among average capacity boilers  (4-10 МВт) 50% is related to ТВГ and КВГ type boilers (ТВГ-8, ТВГ-4р, ТВГ-8М, КВГ-4,65, КВГ-7,56). Mentioned boilers with double-filament screens and bottom burners are developed by the Gas Institute of  NAS of Ukraine and are produced be Monastirische boiler plant.

The methods of mentioned boilers reconstruction (such that are exhausted it resource and can’t be changed) are developed.  Boilers reconstruction provides for  efficiency factor raising at 2..3% (up to 91-92%), exploitation conditions improvement, gas consumption reduce, service life period extension at 10…15 years. Reconstruction is realized by means of burners changing on new developed ones (third generation) and convective heating surface changing (from pipes Æ32´3 and 38´3 mm, instead of Æ28´3 pipes).

The cost of burners application: ТВГ-8 (ТВГ-8М) – 20 $thousands; КВГ-7,56 – 16 $thousands; ТВГ4р (КВГ-4,65) – 15 $thousands.

 Convective surfaces cost for all boiler types 20 $thousands.