3.1. Catalytic thermal reactors for industrial atmospheric emissions purification


Thermocatalytic reactors are designed for purification of industrial gas emissions containing toxic organic compounds.


Thermocatalytic reactors with heat recovery of gas emissions with capacity at neutralizes gases from 3 to 50 thousand m3 are developed. In reactors can be used catalysts with different forms of media – like block with slotted structure and granular. As an energy carrier can be used gas or liquid fuel, electricity. Reactors are characterized by the following indicators:

  • specific cost of fuel (Q = a 41,8 MJ/kg) 0 – 2,5 kg
  • fan power 1 – 2 kW
  • specific metal apparatus 500-800 kg

The degree of purification of gas emissions containing hazardous organic compounds (at concentrations up to 6 grams per cubic meter), is above 96 %. The use of regenerative heat exchanger for preheating of gas emissions provides utilization of 60 % of the heat of neutralizes gases. The reactors are provided with automatic control system of technological process.