3.3. Energy-efficient technology of agglomeration gases neutralization

Substance of problem

Metallurgy  industry is one of the first-rate pollutant. On production of  1 million tons of agglomerate pollutant emissions is on average (tons):  СО – 35000; NOx – 450; SО2 – 2360. The technology of catalytic gas cleaning for such large gas volumes is considered as rather expensive.

Substance of development

Technology of thermal  neutralization of agglomeration gases have been developed. It’s provides the co-combustion of mentioned gases with fuel in boiler units.

Specification figures

Technology application carries into effect of fuel consumption decrease in the boiler units till 4-5 % and results in reduction of  desulfurization costs.  The developed technology also results in reduction of CO emission till 100 % and NOx emission till 50-55 %. Pay-back period is 1,5 years.