3.4. The technology of biogas utilization from cleanout constructions in industrial boiler-houses

Substance of problem

In the processes of sludge fermentation in anaerobic digesters of faecal wastewater cleaning  systems the biogas containing 50-60 % CH4, 30 % CO2 and element of H2S is created. Inasmuch as the calorific value of biogas is about 23 MJ/kg it can be used as fuel oil. Biogas utilization leads to the saving of fuel and improvement of the human environment in consequence  of biogas pollutant emissions.   

Project content

The injection burners for biogas combustion for broad discharge tolerance from 184 till 954 m3/h  are developed taking into account the low stability limit of this process. The burners are manufactured from  sulfurated hydrogen corrosion resistance steels and are equipped by special devices for flame stabilization


The developed technology is applied on the  boiler with steam output 6,5 t/h  of Bortnichi aeration plant. The application of developed burners leads to the 20 % increase of boiler productivity, 80-90 % increase of boiler efficiency and provides the economy of 0,5 natural gas millions m3/year. Pollutant emissions are: CO – 20 mg/m3, NOx – 50 mg/m3.