4.13. High-speed burners GNB

Developed and widely applied in industry tunnelless burners with flame stabilization of  80…600 KW heat capacity. High gas-air mixture rate is provided by high-pressure air not below 2 kilo-pascal. Burners are characterized by high reliability and qualitative gas combustion. CO content in combustion gases makes 90…200 ppm. The content of nitric oxide NOx in terms of NO2 makes 30…62ppm. The working control factor of heating capacity makes 1:4.

Burners are intended for low and average pressure natural gas combustion and provide intensive and uniform heating materials and production. Burners are applied at the tunnel kilns, circular and chamber furnaces of buildings material industry, at the bath and crucible  furnaces of aluminium fusing, in the rotating furnaces of  oxidized nickel ore burning, for metallurgical bowls heating and drying. On basis of  GNB-80 burner  is created heat-generator for drying and heating materials with heat carrier  temperature 200…700 °C.