4.3. Gas tubular radiant heater for the heating of thermal furnaces with protective atmosphere

Development substance

Application of radiant generator of heat energy for manufactures indirect radiant heating in  thermal furnaces with protective atmospheres.   

Range of application

Flat radiant heater can be used under thermal furnaces construction in metallurgy, manufacturing engineering and in other brunches of industry as well as under ineffective modernization of ineffective gas and electric furnaces.


Application of radiant heater provides technological temperatures 300-1500ºC. CO content in combustion materials is  ≤ 0,05%, NOx≤150 mg/m³. As compared with flame heating and electric furnaces in furnaces with radiant heaters productivity is increased  in 2,5-3,0 times, start-up operation duration is reduced in 2.5-3,0 times.

Economical data

35-40% of fuel consumption reduction, pay-back period – 2,5 years.