4.8. Disk-flame burners for industrial heating furnaces


Natural gas combustion on the surfaces  of walls and heating chamber  roofs of heating furnaces.

Technology features

Disk-flame burner construction provides uniform heating of  furnace lining till temperature 1250-1340 °С and excludes local products overheating. The rate of metal burnout is not exceed 0,5 – 1,0% in comparison with 2,0 – 2,5% for conventional methods of heating. Detail of mentioned burner construction is use of multiband air swirler with terminal resistance for maintenance of air pressure  before burner no more than 1,2 kPa. It’s allow to refuse from high pressure blowers.

Energy-technological data

Realization of heating technique by radiation mainly with use of disk-flame burners provides fuel consumption reduction on 30 – 35% and heat unit capacity increase. The natural gas consumption is decreased from 70 nm3/h till 40  nm3/h  for furnace with 1,75 m2 floor aria.