6.5. Economical technology of nitrogen-hydrogen atmosphere production

Substance of development

Economical absorption-catalytic technology of nitrogen-hydrogen protective atmosphere production is proposed. At the heart of technology are used such processes:

  • autothermal air catalytic natural gas conversion in shaft reactor;
  • clear nitrogen-hydrogen mixture gassing by Pressure shift absorption (PSA) method;
  • dilution (of necessity) of finished product by pure nitrogen (or exhaust nitrogen of metallurgical enterprises, cleaned combustion products of industrial enterprises).

Protection atmosphere utilization:

  • nonoxidation heating for hardening;
  • bright annealing of nonferrous steels;
  • ammonia synthesis etc.
Economical data 

Project cost depending on productivity and final product quality – from 40 $thousands up to 300 $thousands. Pay-back period up to 2 years.