Apparatus with fluidized bed (FB) for drying, heat treatment and aerodynamic classification of fine materials

Sand dryer in the apparatus with PS, manufactured by the partner company TKS-Service TOV for LLC with II "HenkelBautechnik" Ukraine


Drying, heat treatment or classification of fine materials in the production of building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, food industry.


Chute type devices operate on natural gas, are developed for a specific techno-logical process and provide economic and high-quality drying, heat treatment, and cooling of polydisperse materials. It is also possible to combine these operations in one apparatus with aerodynamic classification of the material into 2 – 4 fractions with a separation purity of 85-95%. The capacity of one apparatus is from 100 kg/h to 50 tons per hour.

Technical characteristics of the apparatus for drying sand

productivity 10-15 t/hour (example)

1. Performance until 10-15 t/hour
2. Particle size distribution until 3 mm
3. Natural gas consumption until 160 m3/hour
4. Air consumption until 6500 m3/hour
5. Drying temperature 90 – 110 0С
6. Product moisture:
– initial
– final

7-11 %
less 0,2 %
7. Dimensions 2,5×1,0x3,0 m


Material consumption and occupied production areas are 2.5-3 times, and fuel consumption is 8-10% lower than for drum dryers.

Development readiness level

On order, the development of the line and the manufacture of the apparatus, the supply of related equipment, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel.

Contact information

Kyrylo Kostohryz, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380444560324, cell:+380663050136