Biogas landfill collection and utilization system

Landfill gas processing complex with a capacity of 1 MW
Gas power plant based on an internal combustion engine with a capacity of 185 kW


Utilization of landfill gases with production of electricity, biomethane and commercial carbon dioxide.


With the productivity of the well production system of landfill gas at 600 m3/hour electricity production] is about 1 MW, the heat obtained from direct combustion of landfill gas can be used in utilities or for industrial purposes (in the greenhouse, burning bricks, draining wood and so on similar).

Payback period from 1.5 years, service life from 15 years.


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – methane and carbon dioxide, reducing the likelihood of fires is provided.

Development readiness level

Since 2012, 6 landfill gas-fired power plants have been put into operation. To order the organization of construction of a complex, carrying out of chief installation works, training of the personnel is carried out.

Contact information

Hennadiy Zhuk, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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