Co-combustion biogas and natural gas

Burner for co-combustion biogas and natural gas


For boiler units of the food industry, treatment plants and other enterprises where there is an opportunity to obtain biogas.


Capacity 0.1–20 MW

α = 1.03-1.2;

Regulation coefficient 10;

NOX ≤ 100 мг/нм3; CO ≤ 100 мг/нм3.



Unlike analogs, the combustion of biogas and natural gas occurs simultaneously in one burner and in one boiler, which saves natural gas and electricity. At the same time, the burners provide the required technological steam output of the boiler, despite the amount of bio-gas produced. There is a possibility of reconstruction of standard burners for the simultaneous combustion of natural gas and biogas with minimal capital expenditures; the service life of boilers is also extended by 7 – 10 years. Payback – 1 year.

Development readiness level

Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel training are carried out on request.

Contact information

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