Gas burners for systems of heating of stands of steel pouring ladles of metallurgical productions

GGPK-1,0 torch for an industrial ladle
GGPK-1,0 burners over stands for heating of a steel ladle


Ensuring the stability of combustion throughout the control range; uniform heating of the lining of the ladle Δt≤50 °C; reducing gas consumption.


Maximum capacity 1.4 MW. Power adjustment range 1:5.


Provides stable combustion and complete combustion of natural gas within the interior of the industrial bucket with a tightly closed heat-retaining cover of the stand and increase the heating temperature of the working layer of the lining after heating. Achieved 20% savings in natural gas when heating buckets. The equalization of the heating temperature of the inner surface of the lining over the entire surface and its increase by 50-100 °C is provided.

Development readiness level

Implemented on 5 heating stands. Manufacturing, delivery, commissioning, as well as warranty service and staff training are carried out to order. Term of production and delivery of burners – 2 month.

Contact information

Larysa Trostenko, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380444565071, +380679374945; +380982699017