Heating of large rooms and objects with radiant tubes

An example of the placement of radiant tubes in a room


Heating of large industrial and warehouse premises, various objects with infrared radiation.


The heating system uses long radiant tubes with a screen up to 90 m long; material – black steel; surface temperature – 100 – 400 0С; fuel – various industrial, household, agricultural wastes, peat, wood, combustible gases (blast furnace, coke oven, ore thermal, natural, natural).


The advantages of infrared heating of premises are known: low inertia, low capital and operating costs, high efficiency, and others. Known heaters predominantly have a short length of radiant tubes (up to 10 – 20 m) and for large rooms they require a significant amount, the tubes run on natural gas. The development allows using long pipes and one furnace to burn most types of fuel. We used extended pipes in defrosting machines for bulk goods at a metallurgical enterprise. There are no analogues in the world.

Development readiness level

The project, installation, start-up and personnel training are carried out on request.

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