Heating system of rotary kilns

Burner with adjustable torch parameters
Gas-air ramp


Ensuring the regulation of the temperature distribution in the working space is reached, reducing the asymmetry of heating the garden, improving product quality, fuel economy.


The heating system includes burners with adjustable torch parameters, an igniter, control and safety automation, a mechanism for turning and moving the burner. The nominal thermal power of the burners is 30-35 MW, the maximum air consumption is 4500 m3/h, the emissions of nitrogen oxides (reduced to α = 1.0; NO2) are 180 mg/ m3.


Establishing a uniform temperature distribution in the high-temperature zone of the furnace is provided, intensification of heat transfer directly from the torch to the material and indi-rectly through the laying on the material, increasing efficiency and fuel savings by 5-15%, improving product quality.

Development readiness level

The development is implemented on 8 rotary kilns with a capacity of 35.0 MW. Manufac-turing of burners, commissioning, staff training is carried out to order.

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