Methods and equipment for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions into the atmosphere


Energy enterprises, utilities: for boilers TES and CHP, hot water boilers of powerful boilers. Application of the development makes it possible to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides to European standards when burning natural gas.


The use of burners of staged combustion, recirculation (including in fuel), staged belt combustion or the simultaneous use of several methods. Staged burners: α = 1.2, control factor 5, NOX ≤ 100 mg/nm3, CO ≤ 100 mg/nm3 at 3% O2.


The lowest capex among peers. Possibility of application in existing boilers with a capacity of 4-1000 MW, installed 40-50 years ago. Thanks to the implementation of the reconstruction, it is envisaged to extend the service life of the boiler units by 15–20 years. It is possible to implement the development during the repair.

Development readiness level

Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel training are carried out on request.

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