Modernization and automation of heating systems for furnaces for firing ceramic and refractory bricks

High-speed burner GNB-80
Vaulted Heating System 140m Tunnel Oven for firing ceramic bricks, Ukraine, Irpin
System of vaulted heating of a small-sized tunnel kiln for firing refractories, Russian Federation, Stary Oskol


Improving the efficiency of tunnel kilns for firing ceramic and refractory bricks, reducing natural gas consumption and improving product quality through the use of GNB burners.


Burners GNB-80÷160
Fuel, gas natural
Capacity, kW 80, 100, 125, 160
Ragulation range 1 : 5
Harmful emission, ppm:
≤ 10
NOX ≤ 70
Gas pressure, kPa 5,0 ÷ 30,0
Air pressure, kPa 5,0
Heating uniformity ≤ ÷ 20 °С


Effect: reduced consumption of natural gas, intensification of the heating process, increased uniformity of heating, reduced emissions of harmful gases by using the kinetic energy of jets of natural gas combustion products that create GNB burner.

Development readiness level

The development was introduced at brick factories in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, as well as warranty service and personnel training are carried out on request.

Contact information

Raisa Pylypenko, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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