Portable high precision hygrometer for measuring the dew point of natural gas


For measuring the dew point by the condensation method for moisture and hydrocarbons of natural gas.


The main body of the device is made in an explosion-proof design (explosion-proof enclosure), the control elements are of an intrinsically safe design. The measurement results are saved in the internal memory of the device and can be copied to a USB-drive, as well as to a personal computer or industrial automation system via the RS-485 interface.

Working range of ambient temperatures,°С –30…+30
Dew point range, which is measured, °С –30…+20
Measurement accuracy, °С 1
Duration of one measurement, seconds <180
Number of measurements <50
Weight, kg <20


High accuracy, dew point measurement of natural gas with a high content of moisture or heavy hydrocarbons, measurements at arbitrary pressure with automatic recalculation of results up to a pressure of 3.96 MPa.

Development readiness level

On request, delivery, installation on site, warranty service of the device, as well as personnel training are carried out.

Contact information

Hannadiy Zhuk, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380935767713, e-mail: hen_zhuk@ukr.net