Reconstruction of NDISTU-5 boilers

MPIG-3n hearth burners are mounted in the NDISTU-5 boiler
Additional convective surfaces and burners MPIG-3n for boiler NDISTU-5


Increase of efficiency at work on natural gas to 93-95 % and, if necessary, increase of heat productivity to 1 Gcal/h.


Reconstruction of NDISTU-5 boilers is carried out by installing additional convective heating surfaces (different options are possible depending on the location and needs of pipes ⌀32×3 mm, etc.) and replacement of 3 pre-chamber burners with two or one slotted floor MPIG-3n.


In Ukraine, more than ten thousand NDISTU-5 boilers with an efficiency of 75-82 % on natural gas are actively operated. The proposed development provides an increase in the efficiency of boilers to 93-95 % (average savings of natural gas about 25 thousand nm3/year) and increase heat output to 1 Gcal/h (if necessary).

Development readiness level

Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, as well as warranty service and staff training are carried out to order. The term of production of boiler reconstruction elements and their installation is 3 months.

Contact information

Anatolii Smikhula, Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, +380444555921, e-mail: