Technology of manufacturing of gas gensets and cogeneration units capable of operating on a wide range of combustible gases

Gas gensets with heat recovery units. Fuel - synthesis gas
A gas genset installed at the landfill. Open execution. Fuel - Landfill gas


Industrial enterprises that require the use of backup/own power sources. Industrial enterprises using drive power plants based on internal combustion engines. Agricultural facilities planning to utilize biogas. Landfills for landfill gas utilization.


Manufacturing of gas gensets and cogeneration units that can use a variety of combustible gases as fuel.

Electric power
50 kW
100 kW
200 kW
300 kW
The nature of the current
Interchangeable, 3-phase, 400 V, Hz
Drive motor ЯМЗ3238М2 ЯМЗ3238М2 DOOSANP180LE DOOSANP222LE
Nominal crankshaft speed, rpm
Gas pressure at the inlet to the unit, bar
0,2 (*it is possible to install a gas line to work at higher pressures)
The main slope of the regulatory characteristics
Type of speed regulator
Engine start system
Electric start from rechargeable batteries
The amount of oil in the lubrication system, l
Overall dimensions (l×w×h), mm
2300×920×1370 (open performance)
2720×1220×1850 (open performance)
5220×1687×3400 (in a soundproof container)
5220×1687×3400 (in a soundproof container)
Weight, kg

It is possible to manufacture both in an open version (on a frame) for indoor use and in a special protective container.

Additional options – installation of gas preparation for connection to the gas line, available at the site of use, heat recovery system, engine oil refill systems, automatic start and network synchronization systems.


A wide range of gases that can be used as fuel. Automation of engine production processes. Ability to remotely monitor and control a converted engine.

Development readiness level

The device is manufactured, supplied and serviced to order, as well as staff training.

They are used on a number of oil and gas production platforms of the shelves of the South China, Caspian and Black Seas, in a number of gas pumping enterprises, agricultural complexes and as power plants of enterprises for the utilization of solid waste.

Contact information

Valerii Verbovskiy, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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