1.11. Use of natural, incidental and emergency gas supply in gas-diesel installations

The Gas Institute of the NAS of Ukraine has extensive scientific and production experience in the development, implementation of projects for the preparation and use of combustible gases as fuel for gas-piston spark and gas-diesel engines. Technological processes for the preparation of fuel gas are developed taking into account the requirements of the detonation properties of motor fuel and, if necessary, the removal of acidic gas components.

Between 1992 and 2000, the NAS of NASU, under a contract with JV “Vetsovpetro”, performed works
on the transfer to the gas-diesel process of energy modules of all oil-producing offshore platforms at the White Tiger and Dragon fields (Vietnam). In total, 48 gas-diesel generators of 500 kW and 3 engines of 800 kW were converted. Separate gas and flare gas were used as gas fuel after special preparation to remove heavy C4 + higher hydrocarbon fractions. The technology and equipment for gas preparation, as well as the system of all-mode regulation of gas diesels are manufactured and delivered to the customer by the NASU.

Confirmed operational savings of diesel on oil platforms amounted to 55-60%.

A scheme for the preparation of oil gas separation as a motor fuel has been developed. The developed power and control system provides the ability to work engines in diesel or gas diesel mode automatically.

Between 1992 and 2014, more than 40 gas-diesel and gas-piston power plants operating on gas-condensate fields were supplied to JSC Chornomornaftogaz. Of these, 25 gas-fired power plants and 15 gas-piston. The unit capacity of the power plants ranged from 30 to 200 kW.

The igniter dose of diesel in gas-diesel power plants was 10-15%. The power plants were equipped with fuel gas preparation plants that provided gas purification from mechanical impurities and drip moisture, as well as gas reduction from a pressure of 85 bar to a pressure of 200 mbar.

We have experience converting gas-diesel engines to run on alternative gases (associated petroleum gas, biogas, synthesis gas, generator gas).

In the considered directions of IG of NASU is ready to carry out works on designing, delivery of equipment, start-up and adjustment and to provide warranty obligations when agreeing the initial data and requirements with the Customer.