1.9. Series “TOROS-3” hygrometers


Temper control before and after technological gas processing, humidity control of transported natural gas (both gas main pipe line and distributed gas pipe line) and other gases.

Development features

In series “TOROS-3” hygrometers on the basis of basic research  of equilibrium systems thermodynamics is solved a main problem of hygrometer creators – one-valued fixation of moisture condensation moment. Developed hygrometers provide high accuracy of dew point temperature measurements in extreme conditions of exploitation including the presence of mechanical and aerosol particles. Hygrometer functioning is based on the principle of moisture condensation on cooled mirror.

Following hygrometer systems are developed:

  • stationary hygrometers of common function;
  • stationary hygrometers   of explosion-proof making with transformation of dew point temperature in water vapour density or relative humidity;
  • portable autonomous  hygrometers of common function;
  • portable autonomous  hygrometers of explosion-proof making.
Application and certification

“TOROS” hygrometers passed the tests at the enterprises of gas industry in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan and registered in these countries.