2.1. Technologies and burners for co-combustion of anthracite culm and natural gas

Substance of problem

Anthracite culm being used on the power stations of  Ukraine is characterized by typical for its low   reactivity and also by high ash content. The consequence of it  is low culm calorific value. Mentioned  leads to the necessity of burning such coal with auxiliary fuel – natural gas or mazut in the amount of 15-30 % from the boiler heat load. Development and realization of effective calm combustion technologies allow to greatly reduce the  consumption of deficient auxiliary fuels.

Project content

The primary elements of project are equipment for flame hold and equipment for air-fuel mixture reactivity increase. The last is placed in the present boiler burners.

Energy-efficient data

Project realization  promotes to reduction of   auxiliary gas fuel consumption and also to considerable reduce of pollutant emissions in atmosphere.

Economic indexes

Economics benefit after manufacturing application on the boiler with steam capacity 220 t/h amounts to ~0,5 millions $, maintenance  project ( project development and application) – 60-65 thousands $, pay-back period – 2,5 months.