3.2. The application of modified graphite (MG) as absorbent for purification of water and ground surfaces from organic products spillages


Collection and breakdown elimination of deleterious liquids outflow: oil products, organic liquids and others. Most effective use of such absorbent is collecting of mentioned liquids from the pond and soil surfaces.


Poured liquid is coated with absorbent and is absorbed,  oil slick (for example) is liquidated by collection of absorbent with absorbed liquid. Purification efficiency  of water area, that is polluted by oil products, reaches 99,99 %. Absorbed oil product is separated and utilized later. The separated oil product volume is 70-80 %. Used absorbent is regenerated in special furnace, oil products remains are used as additional fuel in the regeneration process.  Regenerated absorbent can be repeatedly used, at that the number of cycles “absorbtion-pressing-regeneration” can reach 10…15.


MG is manufactured on stationary and movable  plants. The letter are  used for breakdown elimination consequences. Movable plant is installed on truck body and transported to the accident site. The productivity of such plant is till 15 kg/h of powder absorbent, it needs 10 kg/h of diesel fuel. Overall dimensions of movable plant are  6х2,5х2 м.  Powder absorbent value – 5-6 $/kg, tablets absorbent and absorbent in mats have value 6-7 $/kg.

Developed absorbent have been used under liquidation of breakdown elimination consequences after ingress of benzene in the river Dnieper by means of it collection and processing for father liberation and utilization.


MG is high volume modified graphite that is manufactured by many-stages chemical-thermal treatment of natural crystalline graphite and has small  bulk density (2…5 kg/m3) and high specific surface, the latter is caused it high receptivity. Absorbent is manufactured in three modifications:

Absorbent powder – bulk density is 3..5  kg/m3, receptivity is 40…50 kg of absorbent products on 1 kg of absorbent.

Absorbent tablets – bulk density is 30…50 kg/m3 , receptivity is 20…30 kg of absorbent products on 1 kg of absorbent.

Absorbent mats – flat bags from fire-resistant material filled by powder absorbent – receptivity is 20…30 kg of absorbent products on 1 kg of absorbent.