3.5. The cleaning of biogas from domestic wastes city dumps

Project content

Technology and equipment for the domestic wastes city dumps  biogas gathering, cleaning and utilization 

Process description

According to developed technology biogas is directed to separator for cleaning from mud and particulate pollutions and than its directed to compressor for compression till 6,5-7,0 Mpa. After compressor biogas is directed to absorber for CO2 absorption. Treated gas with  content of 94,6 % CH4, 2,7 % CO2 and 2,7 % O2+N2 is directed to the drying block and after that – to  gas-main pipeline. Separated from absorbent 98-99 % carbon dioxide can be used for the artificial ice or liquid carbon dioxide production.

Development data

Application of developed equipment provides the production of 2300 m3/h methane containing gas and 1500 m3/h of carbon dioxide. Pay-back period – 4 years.