4.1. The system of industrial furnaces heating on the bases of regenerative burner


Reduction of specific power inputs in industrial furnaces with the temperature of furnace laboratory from 850-1000ºC ( thermal chamber furnaces, pusher-type furnaces, smelting furnaces) till 1300-1500ºC (heating furnaces, continuous furnaces, rolling furnaces, forging chamber furnaces, glass-melting furnaces).

Development substance

Heat utilization of exhaust combustion materials for combustion air heating

Development description

Industrial furnace is equipped by special burners with regenerator filling. Air supply and combustion materials elimination is realized through the filling with aid of heat carrier stream switching valve.

Energy-efficient data

Technology application leads to 30-50% fuel consumption reduction as compared to conventional heating systems without air preheating and to 20-30% reduction in systems with air heating in open-type heat exchangers.