4.12. Burner with operated flame length for tubular rotating furnace

Development data

Burner with operated flame length on natural gas is developed. Flame length is changed by movable gas distribution valve. Depending on valve overlap gas nozzle   flame length is changed from 5 up to 25 m. Stable operation provides with four stabilizers in the form of high-drag established in nozzle part of burner.

Energotechnological and economical data

Burner application at the tubular rotating furnace allow to reduce excess air coefficient up to 1,05–1,1; to decrease furnace outlet temperature at 100–200°С; adduced to a = 1,0  Nх emission after furnace is no more than 225 mg/m3, СО up to  0,05 %. Equivalent fuel discharge intensity is decreased at 10-20%  depending on feedstock and operating regime.

Development cost is 20 $thousands,  pay-back period up to 2 years.