4.2. Energy-saving technology of metallic and non-metal materials heat treatment in indirect radiant heating units


Heating, thermal and chemical-thermal processing of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials (burning of: ceramics, radioceramics,  ferrites, metal compounds and their oxides and salts, organic products;    glass and mineral cotton making) in the range of operating temperatures 750-900K.

Substance of development

Application of  indirect radiant heating units that provides optimal productivity under minimum fuel consumption and considerable reduction of NOx  outlet.


Indirect radiant heating units are introduced at the more than 100 enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and chemical industry of Ukraine as well as in Russia, Byelorussia, Czechia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Algeria.

Economical data

Development manufacturing application provides 10-40% of fuel rate reduce and 30-50% of metal saving with scale under decarbonization. Total benefits, for example, at the industrial furnace of «Dunapher» concern (Hungary) with productivity 1 millions tons of rolled metal per year was about 2 millions $ under pay-back period – 1,0-1,5 years.