4.4. Small-size tunnel kilns for brick fast firing


Firing of ceramic brick including facing brick and also another industrial and domestic clayware conformably to small-size brick factories by productivity from 1,5 till 6,0 millions of conventional brick per year.

Development data

Kilns are heated  by natural gas or diesel fuel and equipped by specially developed  burners. Firing period is 14…20 hours for different bricks type with initial humidity at most 1,5%. The heat from cooling section is used in the brick dehumidification process and during further burning.  Kiln length is 18…30m and it’s without basement. Kiln module construction provides it mobility, quick assembling, dismantling and transportation after working-out of clay deposit.

Energotechnological and economical data

Total heat rate  on firing and  dehumidification is not exceed 1800 kJ/kg, total energy intensity is not exceed 0,02 kWh/kg of fired brick. Lead time of small-size tunnel kiln and it making and application is 9…12 months, pay-back period – 1,5-2,0 years.