4.5. Air-gas mixing heat-generators


Generation of air-combustion products gas mixtures with predetermined temperature in the range of 40°С till 1500°С and by heat capacity till 20 MW. Heat-generators can be used in any type drying plants – chamber, spray-type, drum-type as well as under depression and overpressure.

Development data

Heat-generators are worked up on the bases of spray-diffused burners module – gas burners working under variable and practically any excess air. For production of such generators  is suffice to  install mentioned module inside of the airway. Heat-generators are completed by automatic control system, that  provides kindling, technological regime control with all parameters control and safe operation.

Energy-saving data

Owing to mixing   type construction application the 98-99% efficiency is provided  (as compared with 88-90% for heat-generators with heat exchangers), blow fan is not used. For heat-generator of heat capacity 500 kW (natural gas flow – 50 m3/h) annual natural gas saving is 500 thousands m3.

Ecological data

Pollutant emissions – NOx=50 mg/m3, CO=10 mg/m3. Taking into account dilution of combustion products and exchange of air NOx emission will be 0,5-1,0 mg/m3.

Economical data

Developed heat-generators have low steel intensity and are easy-to-production. The cost of one such generator is 65 thousands $.