4.7. Chamber furnaces with complex heat recovery


Velocity heating of metal blocks till temperature  1200-1250°С before forging or press forming with minimal metal surface oxidation.

Development data

Uniform heating and speed putting in operation is provided by disk-flame burners setting in the furnace roof and by the inner recuperation of combustion products. The furnace run-up till 1350°С after daily downtime is realized over the 90-95 minutes. Low-oxidative heating with excess air coefficient less than 1,0 in the heating chamber and with afterburning is also possible.   Effective heat combustion products utilization is provided by setting of two-stages spray recuperator in the chimney flue duct. Furnaces are equipped by computer-based system of safety gas combustion. Have been developed constructions of heating furnaces with total floor area   0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0 and 3,2 m².

Economical data

The furnaces manufacturing application is provided natural gas flow reduction on 50% for metal heating before forging or press forming. Pay-back period is 1,5-2,0 years.