5.6. Energy and saving technology of swollen pearlite production

Development data

Energy and saving technology and equipment for swollen pearlite production – wide-section heat-insulated, sorption and filtering material is developed. Engineering process is composed of drying, classification and filtration of pearlite-raw material, swelling in the shaft furnace and settling of swollen pearlite in cyclone.

Swollen pearlite bulk weight is  70-200 kg/m3, heat conductivity  0,04-0,07 watt/m×К.

Economical data

Processing line productivity – 40 thousands m3 per year. Cost of equipment  ~ 1 $millions. Pay-back period – 3 years.

Technological equipment is supplied by heat-insulated devices. Development is applicated  in common with Research Institute of building materials (Kyiv) at 7 enterprises in Ukraine abroad.