5.7. Technology and equipment for siopor production


Siopor is a new heat-insulated and soundproof  material of low-temperature swelling. Siopor is received by swelling of crushed siolit – the product of natural raw material  (fossil meal, flask and other materials that contain amorphous silica) interaction with hydrate of sodium. Siopor technology production is characterized by most low heat consumption per production unit as compared to with other artificial porous materials. Siopor is applied as aggregate at the heat-isolated and soundproof blocks manufacturing as poured-in-place insulation.

Development data

Processing line of siopor   production consists from fluidized bed apparatus for drying, cooling and classification of finished product

Processing line productivity is 50 thousands m3/year.

Technology is applied at two plants. Siopor bulk weight is 80-160 kg/m3, thermal conductivity 0,04-0,07 watt/m×К.

Economical data

Equipment cost is 0,8 $ millions, pay-back period – 2,5 years.