6.1. Protective atmosphere generator with heat recovery of furnaces for thermal-chemical treating


Protective atmospheres processing for  material thermal-chemical treating furnaces.

Field of application

Powder metallurgy, mechanical engineering.

Substance of development

Developed technology is based on the protective atmospheres production by the air catalytic reforming of natural gas with preheating of compressed air and natural gas by the combustion products of thermal-chemical treatment furnaces.

While in furnace operating with electric heating units the heating of catalytic reforming reagents is provided by heat of electric furnaces.

Energy-saving data

In industrial protective atmosphere generators heat supply is provided by electric heating, at that electric power intensity is 0,5 – 1,0 kWh/m3 of protective atmosphere.

Suggested technology provides at the expense of furnace heat recovery to reduce power inputs at  ≥30% from total power inputs in unit – thermal-chemical treating furnace + generator  on natural gas heating of furnace and at  7-8% on electric heating.