6.3. Small-sized protective atmosphere generators on the basis of natural gas


Development of small-sized protective atmosphere generators for the furnaces of metal and alloys thermal-chemical treatment.

Technology features

Industrial plants for protective atmosphere production of productivity 2,5-15 m3/h on the basis of  air catalytic reforming of natural gas. The electric heaters are used for the converter outer heating. Cost per unit are about 1 KW-h/m3. Protective gas cooling till 20-30°C and dewatering till dew point  -30 – -40 ºС is provided for the plant of 10 m3/h productivity.  

Developed generators application allow to produce the protective gas of following composition (%vol.): CO2 = 0,8-1,0; CO = 18,5-19,0; H2 = 38,5-39,0;  Н2O = 0,012–4,3; СН4 = 0,1–0,5; the rest – N2.  Desulfurised natural gas supply directly in protective gas is provided to increase the gas carbonic potential.