Bulk cargo defrosting system

Garage-defroster for simultaneous defrosting of ore in 12 railway cars
The interior of the garage is defrosted with radiant pipes and screens


Defrosting bulk cargo in railway cars using low-temperature radiant tubes (350-400 0С) and screens, reducing the time and human resources required for unloading cargo, preventing production downtime.


The interior of the garage-defroster is equipped with a system of radiating pipes with screens that provide the thermal regime of optimal radiation and preservation of car bodies and wheel bearings.


Simplicity of maintenance and reliability of work; low operating and capital costs; the maximum approximation of the radiating to the surfaces, warming; heating the surfaces of cars from three sides, including the bottom; high efficiency due to the low temperature of flue gases leaving the working circuit, the ability to operate on different types of fuel, minimal heat loss from the room due to directional radiation, fire safety, minimal thermal inertia.

Development readiness level

The development was implemented at one of the non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises. Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, as well as warranty service and personnel training are carried out on request.

Contact information

Vyacheslav Pikashov, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380444565071, +380673899782; e-mail: picsv@ukr.net,

Larysa Trostenko, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380444565071, +380679374945; e-mail: t-ln@ukr.net