Electricity production at gas distribution stations (GDS)

Scheme of pressure utilization at GDS


The use of pressure drop at gas distribution stations for electricity generation.


The use of pressure drop is carried out at large gas distribution stations, where the pressure is reduced from 4-7 MPa to 0.3-1.2 MPa. Gas expansion takes place in several stages at gas distribution stations and points.


The introduction of GDS technology with current tariffs for gas and electricity allows you to make a profit, depending on the pressure drop: 0.3 MPa = 66 UAH/1000 nm3, 0.6 MPa = 45 UAH/1000 nm3 and 1, 2 MPa = 27 UAH/1000 nm3. For GDS with an average flow of 22,000 nm3/h, the monthly profit will be: 1, 0.7 and 0.4 million UAH, respectively.

Development readiness level

The development is in the state of “idea”, the parameters of which are modeled using a computer model.

Contact information

Hennadiy Zhuk, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380444564471 e-mail: hen_zhuk@ukr.net