Energy efficient method of biomethane produсtion

Laboratory bench
Energy efficiency graph of modified sorbent MDEA


Extraction of carbon dioxide from biogas to increase the concentration of biomethane.


Biogas obtained from landfills for solid waste and methane tanks can contain up to 40% carbon dioxide, which does not allow the use of biogas instead of methane. Due to the extraction of carbon dioxide, biomethane becomes suitable for the replacement of natural gas in gas pipelines, use as automotive fuel.


Based on multivariate simulations of amine carbon dioxide extraction processes, the optimal concentrations of components for different biogas sources were selected, which reduces the amount of circulating absorbent and heat load of the desorber reboiler (regenerator) by 1.5-2.5 times compared to traditional monoethane solutions.

The calculations were confirmed in a laboratory using monoethanolamine and an operat-ing pressure of 0.11-0.2 MPa and did not differ from the calculated by no more than 3%.

Development readiness level

Technological schemes for various typical initial conditions are developed and modeled. Individual schemes were tested on an experimental setup.

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