General view of the incinerator PUO-100


For the neutralization of solid, liquid and hazardous paste-like industrial, municipal waste, as well as hospital waste, in particular tuberculosis and pulmonological departments, etc.


The productivity of the furnace in terms of the amount of recycled product is from 40 to 100 kg/h.

Benefits and Features

The patented development provides for the installation of a high-temperature radiation recuperator as part of the equipment, in which the air is heated to 350…400 °C. As burners, specially modified pressure burners without tunnel partial premixing are used, operating with continuous proportional power control. At the same time, the fuel consumption for the technology is significantly reduced. The temperature of the combustion products at the outlet of the recuperator is at least 700 °C, which, taking into account the subsequent sharp cooling to a temperature of 250 °C, does not allow creating conditions for the reformation of dioxins and furans.

Development readiness level

Introduced at 8 waste management facilities. Manufacturing, supply, commissioning, as well as warranty service and personnel training are carried out to order. The term of manufacture and supply of installations is 2 – 3.5 months.

Contact information

Oleksii Sezonenko, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380683220802, +380682667172; e-mail: alsez@ukr.net