• Development of technology for obtaining high-temperature hydrogen-containing gas and valuable carbon materials by pyrolysis of natural gas in an electrothermal fluidized bed.

  • Development of technology for catalytic conversion of methane to produce hydrogen.
  • Development of plasma-gas methane conversion technology for hydrogen production.
  • Development of technology for plasma processing of waste to obtain gas with high hydrogen content.
  • Creation of a laboratory computerized complex with automatic processing of measurement results, calculations of the composition and properties of products of thermochemical processing of fossil and unconventional fuels to obtain hydrogen and/or its mixtures.
  • Production of gaseous fuels with high hydrogen content by thermal disposal of liquid wastes containing hydrocarbons.
  • Production of generator gas with high hydrogen content from waste from the agro-industrial complex and forestry.
  • Production of gaseous fuels containing hydrogen from organic waste by anaerobic fermentation.