Installation for thermal neutralization of liquid hazardous waste

General view of the installation for neutralizing liquid waste on the territory of the Poltava Regional TB Dispensary


For the neutralization of liquid hazardous waste from hospital institutions, in particular, phthisiatric and pulmonary departments, as well as the destruction of excess biological sludge from biological wastewater treatment systems.


The capacity of the plant in terms of the amount of product to be disposed of is from 1 to 1.5 liters / minute.


The installation is self-contained and highly efficient. The main design elements of the plant are a custom-designed burner and a flame tube, whereby waste is injected directly into the torch root.

All technological processes of liquid processing (heating, evaporation, decomposition of organic matter, afterburning of residues) occur while being in a flame tube, in which a highly turbulent vapor-gas flow is organized.

The burner in this system provides the temperature, impulse, flow direction, the appropriate composition of the gas medium, standard specific indicators of the concentration of harmful substances in the emission source.

Development readiness level

Introduced at 3 waste management facilities. Manufacturing, supply, commissioning, as well as warranty service and personnel training are carried out to order. The term of manufacture and supply of installations is 2-3 months.

Contact information

Oleksii Sezonenko, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

+380683220802, +380682667172 e-mail: