Line for recycling materials containing organic compounds (oils, fats)

Line for the disposal of used filter powders at an oil and fat plant with a capacity of 500 kg/h (Chernomorskoye, "Ilyichevsky MZhK")


Oil and fat-processing enterprises of Ukraine widely use filter powders in their production. The issue of disposal of this material in a safe way is currently not resolved. In the proposed development, the waste filtering material is neutralized and steam is produced in a waste heat boiler.


The line is developed and completed with devices depending on the properties of raw materials, the required characteristics of the finished product and its purpose.

Technical characteristics of the line with a capacity of 500 kg/h (example)

Recycled product line capacity 300 – 600 kg/h
Content of organic compounds (fats) 30 – 40 %
Disposal temperature > 800 0С
Exhaust gas temperature < 130 0С
Flue gas composition:
– dust

< 20 мг/м3
< 100 ppm
Regenerated steam capacity P = 1.2 MPa up to 1,8 т/год


The line and technology of thermal utilization is automated and allows you to neutralize up to 600 kg/h of waste filter material, while producing process steam. After decontamination, hazardous slag is formed, which can be taken out to ordinary landfills or used as a lightweight aggregate in building materials.

Development readiness level

On request, the development of the line and the manufacture of the apparatus, the supply of related equipment, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel training are carried out.

Contact information

Kyrylo Kostohryz, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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